Judge's Introduction: I have been around for quite awhile and have read some of the best matches as well as some of the worst. I even had a brief stint as a commissioner…but I won’t say where for fear of being shunned. I like to judge on 5 point scale…. It just rounds things off nicely for me. I imagine my match judging criteria will resemble many of the others.

Judging Criteria

Dialogue ~ I won’t lie to you. I feel like dialogue carries most stories and this is the part that I enjoy the most. I don’t focus too much on what colors the walls are, or what the taint of your opponent smells like. The dialogue of everybody interacting in your posts is most likely what will keep me interested. I am also a sucker for comedy vs drama… but can appreciate a good drama. With that said…. Point two cannot always be done with strict dialogue… which brings me to…

Action ~ I agree with Grayson’s sentiment. We are playing a wrestling oriented game. I expect to see wrestling in the matches that I am judging. If you roleplay using only John Cena moves, I probably won’t enjoy it very much. Try to be creative and keep the flow of the match going. A powerbomb followed by a piledriver followed by a Razor’s Edge is probably going to kill somebody…. So keep this in mind.

Selling ~ This one is also high up on my list. Just building along the action, I think selling your opponent’s move list is important. Try to throw in some of their signature moves. If you’re fighting a small guy and you play as a 350 pound monster, chances are they won’t be powerslamming you Davy Boy Smith style (unless you mean as Davy Boy Smith is today). Make sure you’re selling the match stipulations and your opponent’s dialogue. Tap into key phrases, or key characteristics of the match. Sell what your opponent does as well. If you’re bleeding in one post and then not in the next, then you won’t get a high score.

Effort/Innovation ~ I think innovation comes from effort. But I am going to look for blatant typos and make sure you’re in the quality post word count criteria. I want to see you working to progress the match past what your opponent is doing. Wrestlers who control a match will score the highest marks.

Flow ~ Flow is very important to a match. Also called pacing. I enjoy when a match has a storyline, but make sure the storylines you’re pushing make sense in the flow of the match. Try to blend your posts in with your opponents and build off what they’re doing as opposed to just pushing your own agenda that can make things feel a bit off. This is more of a “feel” sort of thing and is tough to give a description. But just make sure everything is working towards progressing the match, and you should be fine here.

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