A Federation X Tradition!


Federation X Rumbles are a long tradition of group rolling roleplay mixed into what is effectively a sim event. While the event's outcome is determined by the sim, the good strategist will find opportunity even if they aren't at maximum sim strength! These events are very hard to win, and having one on your resume is......a BIG DEAL!


Event Rules

Participation rules

  1. All participants MUST roleplay their entrance into the match no later than 9pm board time on day 1.
  2. The entrance post may not be combined with an attack on another participant.

Sim process rules

  1. You MUST post a quality attack post (min. 300 words) against whomever you are going to try and eliminate before you sim them.
  2. You sim your match against the opponent.
  3. You are only required to roleplay the outcome of your sim if you eliminate (give somebody their 3rd loss) an opponent.
  4. Any post not considered a quality effort will result in having a WIN overturned.

Sim rules

  1. You may use ALL AVAILABLE matches each day.
  2. You may not sim an opponent more than once on DAY 1.
  3. You may not sim an opponent more than twice on DAY 2.
  4. After Day 2 you may sim anyone still in the event as often as you would like.
  5. You post your results for EACH victory (Losses not required!) in here in the following format (ex: Alan Scott defeated Eve Riley - Eve LOSS:1 )
  6. You may use 1 non-standard match for each 2 standard matches you have used one any given day.
  7. You have 10 minutes after you post to SIM your match.

Activity rules

  1. For each sim & post less than 3 in a day that you do, you will add 1 to your losses ~ this cannot eliminate you/be your final loss
  2. For each day that you sim & post 5 times, you may subtract 1 from your losses ~ this cannot bring you back from elimination (once you're're out!)
  3. These rules take effect starting on Day 2!


Time Limit

Most rumbles have lasted three full days. In the event that a rumble isn't ended by the end of the third day, on the fourth day initiatied losses will count against the person initiating the sim.


Finishing Rights

Go to the last person standing.


Typically Rumbles include a prize of some sort for the winner, and one for the person who eliminated the most opponents.


Rumble History



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