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John Paragon

Play by Play Commentator: John Paragon ~ Retired real life super-hero John Paragon has an affinity for wrestling and chose to spend his retirement years working the mic. Still a powerful man, John is from time to time forced to remind his colleagues that he isn't 'exactly' normal, with his blinding speed, superior strength and laser vision, but generally nobody forces him to remind them of his power more than once. John typically favors the faces of the industry and the closer they get to heroic status the more he likes them. John considers Joe Power the greatest colleague he's ever had.

Hank Proctner

Color Commentator: Hank Proctner ~ After Hanks years of Broadcast Journalism Schooling, Hank aspired to be a high profile Broadcast Anchorman at a huge Network. His wild disposition and rather odd way of talking and creating weird sounding yet hilarious phrases managed to keep him out of any real long term success, but allowed short spurts of success nonetheless. He has his own way of talking with cheesy phrases and sayings that many have deemed as Proctology. He roots for the heels and likes it as nasty as it can get in the ring. He is a pervert and calls it like he sees it folks. When Lars found him he was turning tricks for bottles of Thunderbird and Mad dog 20/20 Kiwi Lime Flavor.


Spanish Play by Play Commentator: Cheatta ~ Former M.A.W. star and one time tag team partner of Hola Chico, Cheatta fell on hard times following the notorious 'What do you mean 16 isn't legal here' incident of 2002. After a series of failed comeback attempts in the minor leagues of wrestling Cheatta finally washed out of the industry all together, but was found and brought in as part of a plan to open the company up to the latino market in 2004. When the company closed in 2005, he had burned through his winnings, and was forced to sell crack and give blowjobs to get by. Federation X reopening saved his life....kind of.

Votonmai 1

Spanish Color Commentator: Votonmai ~ The deranged stalker who once made Ov's life a living hell, has since found a home with the company as a Spanish color man. Nobody even knows if he speaks spanish, but everybody knows about his feelings for OV. Of course the fact that OV can't stay active for more than seventy-six seconds at a time does get in the way of their burgeoning relationship.


Larry Taylor

In-Ring Interviewer: Larry Taylor ~ The world's biggest Geno Junkie and long-time NGPW color man, Fed-X Canadian Announce Team member, and official GOOD Guy interviewer gets a bone thrown his way and takes up his new position as in-ring interviewer having been exclusive interviewer to the GOOD Guys for so long. Larry Taylor remains loyal to the core nucleus of performers who have always stood by him when management has screwed him over. He even went so far as to pull double duty and serve in Wrassle as the exclusive interviewer of TALENT during the complete and utter domination of SHOW by said TALENT. Larry doesn't follow traditional FACE/HEEL roles... Larry stands up for what's GOOD... and he considers wrestlers loyal to the brand to be GOOD, and will put them over non-stop. That, and he's not afraid to ask the questions that will push the competition. Larry's dream is to see Genocide return, and to see himself put back on the actual broadcast crew.

Shelly Simmons

Locker Room Interviewer: Shelly Simmons ~ Shelly has been around with Maverick & The NGPW for a very long time. Her Barbie-doll look has brought much joy to fans and wrestlers alike. She's well known for disliking the abusive female heels of the sport, and for her affair with then company newcomer Alan Scott, but of late her career has become more professional. Don't let her hot body fool you- Shelly is a genius when it comes to wrestling. Her experience in the industry means she's now packing mace wherever she goes, and she is really not afraid to use it. Shelly is no-nonsense, and takes her job seriously... maybe a little too seriously.







Earl Cronkner

Head Referee: Earl Cronkner ~ Earl has been the Head Official in Federation X since day one. He also has had that same role in all the Federations that Lars has ever been a part of. Lars hired Earl over a decade ago in his Cyberslam run with CWO as a favor of the legendary LaCronka of High Court Fame. Earl is Cronks little brother.


Benito Jobber

Junior Referee: Benito Jobber ~ Benito Jobber is the Son of the late, great Cyberslam legend and 160 Proof stable Leader, Masked Jobber. Benito was raised in part by the Assassins Guild stable, led by Vigilante and Alisterfiend. So yes, he is a drunkard and a lowlife bastard. What the hell did you expect? We're talking about Viggy and Alister! At any rate, Benito the masked drunkard Mexican referee  was picked up by Lars as a charity case in hopes that Benito would be able to straighten himself out. It was also as a favor to his lost friend and former top performer; The Masked Jobber. May the Good Lord rest his soul.


Jerry Wilson

Junior Referee: Jerry 'Coke Bottle' Wilson ~ Maverick found Jerry in some bingo hall fed years ago. There is not a ref on the face of the planet that can rival his skill. The guy knows the rule book word for word. He's like a walking, wrestling handbook. So why haven't you heard of Jerry before? Because Jerry is legally blind in 49 states and 4 countries around the world. His glasses are so thick that when you look at him, face to face, his eyes look to be the size of plates. It's easy to pull cheap shots on Jerry but be warned, if he does manage to catch you breaking the rules, he'll drop an iron fist on you without a second thought.





Miss Good-n-Plenty

Powerbase Executive Assistant: Jessica Twinpeaks ~ Jessica continues to enjoy the position of Executive Assistant, a role she has had for nearly a decade, having been promoted to a role during one of Maverick's sabaticals. The role allows her to better facilitate all the needs of the Powerbase from an administrative standpoint. Along with her new position comes some new authority, vested in her by the C.E.O. Jessica is now responsible for approving all new merchandise sales, as well as all meetings with The Powerbase in addition to her other duties "as required."

Who Flung Poo

Head of Security: WhoFlungPoo ~ Another NGPW castoff, the former ninja was kicked to the curb when he was caught selling ninja secrets to to a bunch of Special Olympics kids. The event would later cause a few deaths in an incident known forever as the Handicap Massacre. With nothing better to do WhFlungPoo has accepted the job as the head of security...but be warned! The dude is a bit twitchy and can't lay off certain mind altering drugs .





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