Judge's Introduction: I judge on a 5 point system, and every part of the system holds equal weight. I score each criteria out of 3, then add them up to get the post's overall score. The scale is:

  1. (0)     Not included, or included in a manner where it is not adding to the match. Poor contribution.
  2. (.5)    Included and meeting the average standard for a performer. Average contribution.
  3. (1)       Impacts the match in an outstanding way, adding greater readability. Excellent contribution.

Judging Criteria

Action ~ You're writing about wrestling matches, and that matters to me. Great story is important, but if you don't include any action then the match isn't going to go over well with the fans. This shouldn't feel like an afterthought or a burden to you. And because certain people have made some ridiculous suggestions about what constitutes 'action' allow me to be even more clear; I expect wrestling action. I'm looking for wrestling that I can picture in my mind, and that makes sense.

Dialogue ~ I look for dialogue that is in character and suits the scene. It should be used to advance the match and share critical information, without detracting from the overall story.

Selling ~ I see a lot of short-selling and a lot of people who would much rather not have to keep pushing something their opponent laid down. It shows in their work, which tells me they're not selling well. I expect the best posts to sell every aspect of the match. And I also expect you to have clearly read preceeding posts, and it hurts you here if I can tell you didn't. You can't sell what you don't read. I should also note that I look at character selling closely. Not just your opponents, but your own as well. You would be amazed how often I think people have done a terrible job of remembering the character they have laid out over the weeks and months before.

Storytelling  ~ A match has a pace and rhythm to it, but it also has a purpose. No match should feel like the wrestler is just out there because somebody booked it. If it's choppy or doesn't move along properly, that really detracts from the readability of the match. Posts should move you through the stories that are being woven together, and actual progress towards a climax. There are so many elements to good storytelling that I cannot list them all, but this is where the extra effort often shows up that separates the winners.

Innovation ~ Matches have high points. Sometimes they're in the moves and sometimes they are in the twists that writers introduce. Sometimes they are in the moments that should happen, but don't because nobody makes them happen. Innovation is why I should never get tired of reading match rewrites. Creativity that works with the story and context of the match is crucial to making me care that the match even happened. If that creativity looks like its impact will reach beyond the match, that's exceptional work.


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