Judge's Introduction: I don't really have a 'top cap' for a post that's too long as long as you keep me engaged. 750 - 1000 words is usually good.

My belief is pretty flexible, as long as it's in character and makes sense. For example, Hojay coming to the arena riding a purple dinosaur with a crack addiction? It's in character - and makes sense - for him that is. Eve acting like a coward or letting someone get hurt if she can do something about it makes none. Keep it "real."

Also - if I have to ask myself 'What the f***' was that - and not as a wow moment either - then you're doing something wrong in my opinion. A bit of leeway - say you were drugged or hypnotized - but make it clear that it's why, or make it clear later on in the match so I can go "Oh, NOW it makes sense."

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me, I will be more than happy to answer any and all question about my criterias.

Judging Criteria

Selling ~ At this point - It's fairly obvious what I mean by selling but still. It encompasses everything. From selling a character, an injury, match stipulations. Basically, sell everything. If you're going to go in the match injured, sell the injury through the whole match, not just in the beginning and then forget about it halfway through. This is the criteria I'm the harshest on, as I hate no-sell and short-sell of any kind.

Dialogue ~ Again, by this point, it's pretty much a given. Don't give me a generic or repetitive dialogue. I'd rather see no dialogue than a poorly executed one that doesn't flow, is choppy or wooden.

Action ~ This isn't just 'match action' but regular action that move the story along, interaction, direct or not, fits in here. For example, setting up a prank for someone would count, sitting somwhere talking to yourself where no one can hear you, or interact with you - not so much.

Effort ~ The 'technical' aspect of the post. It goes from post length (450 minimum) but also includes, grammar, spellcheck and the like. There's a whole bunch of spell checkers online that can help you (Here is one http://www.spellcheck.net/ ). Also, this is where, if you put it a bunch of useless crap just to make your post longer it will cost you. I will be leniant with this criteria - to a point.

Everythin Else ~ Twists that make sense, keeping me entertain, adding to the match, WOW moments go here. Basically keep your post fresh, and you'll do good here. Make me react, either laughing, smile, feel bad for your character ect. . . and you'll be fine. If I need industrial strength cafein after reading your post, or worst, during, or make me want to pull out my eyes and set fire to them - not so good.

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